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definetely like my ketchup over my fries, and i don’t like to eat crust on my pizza

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Saturdate 08.23.14 <3

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Masusundan pa tong picture na to bukas at sa mga susunod pang mga araw &lt;3

Kenekeleg eke! HEHEHE. :D




Masusundan pa tong picture na to bukas at sa mga susunod pang mga araw <3

Kenekeleg eke! HEHEHE. :D

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It is proven that love is not in the air, it is on us.HAHAHAHAHA. MAY MA-I-CAPTION LANG. :D

It is proven that love is not in the air, it is on us.

"LOVE . . ."

Perhaps, the most common false assumption about love is that we will not be challenged or changed … think again. You see, between lovers; things aren't always black and white … sometimes you’ve got to compromise if your relationship means something.

The thing is, in a relationship, no one knows what lies ahead and what to expect; you will be challenged, disturbed, frightened and at times even heartbroken. Nevertheless, be bold and steadfast, accept the challenges readily and willingly, make your choices wisely, pursue your dreams and endeavor to work it through, and hope for the best for both of you.

And when you love, love till it hurts. My point being is that never do anything halfway, unless you’re willing to be half-happy.

Anyways, let me share you some facts that I’ve experienced while in a relationship. It’s not necessarily in this order:

* Don’t attempt to love if you don’t know how to trust. Love and trust are inseparable, neither can survive without the other. As such, “jealousy” has no place in a relationship. 

* If you really want to be a part of someone’s life, make an effort to be in it. After all, commitment is the language of relationship.

* Love has no bounds neither a beginning nor an end … when it happens it just happens.

* Relationship is based on two hearts not more … don't let anyone get in between.

* A relationship is a two-way lane. You must be willing to give as well as to receive.

* Relationship is like building a brick wall together with your partner: you build it brick by brick, moment by moment, experience by experience. Each brick, moment and experience rests on the foundation – trust and love – both of you have already laid.

* For a rewarding and successful relationship, you must offer your HEART [Honesty Empathy Affection Respect Trust] unconditionally. Profoundly and patiently wrapped in Commitment, Responsibility, Fidelity, Integrity & Compassion.

On the other hand;

* There’s no need to hate the person you once loved, but you may treasure the memories and move on. Besides, memories don’t just fade away … they tend to flashback and haunt you, one-way or the other! So either dwell on it, or use it to better yourself. Forget the past; it’s dead and gone. Live for the future; it’s alive and full of potential.

Finally, don’t ask for an explanation if you don’t want to believe.

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Mga Paalala Na Parang Pag-Ibig From The Trains of Manila


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Forbidden Love …

Why do you have to meet someone that touches your heart although he is not meant for you? What is his purpose? To heal the wound of the past? Or to add more pain to your feelings?

Why is it that sometimes even if you already have somebody you cannot avoid to love some one else? Is it because your partner has shortcomings or you’re not just contended with him?

Ahhhhh …

I understand that you cannot always fight for love – you should know when to concede or when to proceed. But how can you fight for someone that you love if you know from the beginning that you are already lost? And even if you fight for him you know that there are lots of people who will get hurt in the process.

In love, you don’t always use your heart … you just don’t think of your self. There are things that you cannot enforce your will upon no matter how you wish it. Sometimes you have to use reason, contemplate on the consequences and consider the welfare of others. Your senses should not be clouded by your emotions otherwise you will end up hurting a lot of people, including yourself, since emotion carries us beyond reason.

Sometimes you have to restrain yourself because if you push your will you might wake up one day trekking the wrong path. But if you play your cards right I believe you might rise to the occasion; and the best play, I suppose, is to let him go no matter how much you love him because that is the right thing to do.

Yeah, it sucks. In fact, it can sometimes strip you of the will to live. But one way or the other you’ll just have to let him go. It is hard to bid goodbye to the person you truly love, but it is harder to accept the truth that you can not be together again. It is hard to utter the word goodbye especially to the person you dreamt to be with forever and built your dream together.

I’m not sure which is more important: both of you together no matter how wrong it is, or apart even if you’re madly in-love with him because it is right?

Ahhhhh …

The thing is, you have to bid goodbyes because you know it is right and selfless. After all, true love sometimes means “sacrifice”; and parting ways does not necessarily mean that the love you both shared ceases. “Love”, at least for the time being, have to take a back seat. Who knows, good things might come out from this.

Besides, I recon that if someone is really meant for you even if you split-up for a long time your paths will again traverse (or something to that effect). And that is when “wrong” is already “right”, when “no” is already “okay” and when “taboo” is already “permissible”. Besides, fate, sometimes, offers us a second chance.

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Sa nagTA at magTTA pa kay Zeus, hindi po sya ang may gamit ng blog nya ngayon, binubuksan buksan ko lang, sya nalang bahala sumagot sa mga TAs nyo pag nakapagopen na sya. Nga pala coffeenelly here :D


Good morning :)))

Hi there! coffeenelly here, update ko lang blog ni toffee :>